Best answer: What makes a Tennessee Walking Horse?

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a composite breed, created by crossbreeding Canadian and Narragansett Pacers and Morgan, Standardbred, and Thoroughbred horses. The Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association was formed in 1935. … This overstride is unique to the breed and is referred to as the big lick.

What breeds make a Tennessee Walking Horse?

About the Breed

It is a composite breed that evolved from the Narragansett Pacer, Canadian Pacer, Morgan, Standardbred, Thoroughbred and American Saddlebred. These bloods were fused into one animal in the middle Tennessee bluegrass region, resulting in one of the greatest pleasure, show and trail riding horses.

How do you tell if a horse is a Tennessee Walker?

The Tennessee Walking Horse has a finely chiseled head without appearing dainty, large eyes and short, erect ears. The neck is long and refined with a clean, thin throat latch. The horse has a long, sloping shoulder with an equally long, sloping hip.

Are Tennessee Walkers naturally gaited?

Plain-shod Tennessee Walking Horses are sound, sane, and naturally smooth-gaited. This is the ultimate trail horse-both a comfortable mount and a willing, loving companion.

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Why are they called Tennessee Walking horses?

Tennessee walking horse, also called Plantation Walking Horse, breed of horse that derives its name from the state of Tennessee and from its distinctive gait—the running walk. In a broad sense, it originated from all the ancestors that could do a running walk.

Can a Tennessee Walker trot?

The Tennessee Walking Horse has a reputation for having a calm disposition and a naturally smooth riding gait. While the horses are famous for flashy movement, they are popular for trail and pleasure riding as well as show. … A few Tennessee Walking Horses can trot, and have a long, reaching stride.

Are Tennessee Walkers good trail horses?

I know Tennessee Walking Horses are gaited horses that are comfortable for trail riding. … Generally, Tennessee Walking Horses are good beginner horses and have all the traits necessary to be an excellent choice for novice riders: they’re sure-footed, willing, have a smooth gait, and a calm temperament.

How much is a Tennessee Walker horse worth?

Tennessee Walking horses usually average around $2,000 per horse, but the cost can vary widely depending on how many breeders are in your area and overall demand. If you need your horse to be broken in and trained when you buy it, you will need to spend more. A fully trained horse can often run $10,000 or more.

How do Tennessee walkers walk?

The Tennessee Walking Horse performs three distinct gaits: the flat foot walk, running walk, and canter. Many Tennessee Walking Horses are able to perform the rack, stepping pace, fox-trot, single-foot and other variations of the famous running walk. …

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What is the smoothest gaited horse?

In our opinion, Paso Fino is the smoothest gaited horse as it has three natural, even-spaced, four-beat gaits that vary in speed but are all comfortable. So you, as a rider, can choose the speed you are most comfortable with.

Can a Tennessee walking horse gallop?

Just like any horse Tennessee Walkers can walk, trot, gallop and run. The breed is characterized by their unique smooth walking gate that is particularly comfortable to ride as opposed to a trot that can get rough on riders if they are not accustomed to riding.

Are Tennessee walking horses fast?

The running walk is typically associated with the Tennessee Walking Horse. Although the footfall pattern of the running walk is the same as for the regular walk, the speed of the gait is much faster. These horses can travel at 10–20 mph (16–32 km/h).

Is a Tennessee Walker a quarter horse?

The quarter horse is generally a stocky, muscular animal. … The Tennessee walker is also usually of medium size, averaging about 15.2 hands, although much taller horses aren’t uncommon. The head is large but refined, and the horse has sloping shoulder, a long neck and a short back.

Are Tennessee Walking horses illegal?

It is illegal in the U.S. under the Horse Protection Act of 1970. It is closely associated with a unique high-stepping action of the front legs called “big lick” movement in show ring Tennessee Walking Horses.

Do Tennessee Walkers jump?

Gaited horses can jump with a little extra training and guidance help – and some can even reach high levels of jumping competition. However, all horses have their strengths and weaknesses, and gaited breeds are typically better suited for flatwork and trail riding than showjumping.

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