Frequent question: What is a two horse town?

What is the meaning of the phrase one-horse town?

A small and unimportant place, as in Ours was just a one-horse town until the nuclear plant was built. This expression, first recorded in 1857, presumably alluded to a town so small that a single horse would suffice for its transportation needs.

What is a one-horse show?

If a contest is described as a one-horse race, it is thought that one person or thing will obviously win it. …

What’s one trick pony mean?

Definition of one-trick pony

: one that is skilled in only one area also : one that has success only once.

What’s the meaning of toffee nosed?

British Dictionary definitions for toffee-nosed

toffee-nosed. adjective. slang, mainly British pretentious or supercilious; used esp of snobbish people.

What does the back of beyond mean?

Definition of the back of beyond

informal. : a place that is very far from other places and people : a remote place He lives by himself in a cabin out in the back of beyond.

What’s a plow horse?

Definitions of plow horse. a horse used to pull a plow. synonyms: plough horse. type of: workhorse. a horse used for plowing and hauling and other heavy labor.

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What is the meaning of shoe a horse?

/ (ˈhɔːsˌʃuː) / noun. a piece of iron shaped like a U with the ends curving inwards that is nailed to the underside of the hoof of a horse to protect the soft part of the foot from hard surfaces: commonly thought to be a token of good luck. an object of similar shape. verb -shoes, -shoeing or -shoed.

Is one horse pony vulgar?

It means someone has just one area of expertise or skill, so they only have ‘one trick’. It’s usually used as a mild insult as it suggests someone has few talents.

What is a 3 Trick Pony?

3 Trick Pony is a 100 percent LIVE Cover band that plays a wide variety of songs we all grew up with! The band consists of top notch local musicians that bring a solid mix of music for any type of performance. … Our variety and versatility sets us apart from other bands.

When a person is skilled in one area what is the one trick?

someone or something that is good at doing only one thing, or that can work in only one area: The president is becoming a one-trick pony; a tax cut is his answer to every problem.

What does La Di Da mean?

Definition of la-di-da

informal. : affectedly or pretentiously elegant or refined in manners or tastes … they soon became civilized.

What does Johnny Foreigner mean?

Johnny Foreigner in British English

(ˈdʒɒnɪ ˈfɒrɪnə) noun British informal, derogatory. a person from a country other than those which make up the United Kingdom. a personification of people from a country other than those which make up the United Kingdom.

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What is the meaning of superciliously?

Definition of supercilious

: coolly and patronizingly haughty reacted to their breach of etiquette with a supercilious smile.