How are horse trailers measured?

Do I measure it from the nose back or from the floor back? It’s common in the RV world to measure a trailers overall length from hitch to rear. Horse trailer folks adapted this floor length measurement, and if it’s an LQ trailer they just use the measurment of the shortwall, and number of horses.

How do you measure the length of a trailer?

For trailers, the measurements begin at the rear bumper and go to the ball joint hitch right at the very front. This leaves the actual camper space to be at least 2 to 4 feet shorter for actual living space.

How do you measure the length of a gooseneck horse trailer?

Expert Reply: The loft on your gooseneck horse trailer will be included in the length measurement. Basically, you will need to measure from the longest two points on the trailer (see photo).

How do you measure a living quarter on a horse trailer?

LQ’s are measured as short wall in trailers, meaning the short wall from the front of the trailer called the bulkhead back to the closest angle of the first stall in a slant load. Most LQ’s or RV’s or slide in truck campers are 8 to 8.5′ wide.

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What are the dimensions of a 2 horse trailer?

A standard two-horse straight load trailer has an inside width of 6′ and is 7′ tall with a stall length of 10′. If you intend to haul large horses, they need room for balance.

How do you measure trailer width?

Thanks. Expert Reply: Actually, the width of a trailer is determined by it’s widest point. If the wheels are outside of the frame of the trailer then the width is measured for that trailer from outside of the fender to outside of the fender on the other side of the trailer.

Does trailer length include tongue?

A travel trailer can be measured starting at the ball mount and all the way to the back bumper. … In other words, the tongue or rear bumper should not be included in the length measurement. So a trailer described as 20 feet in length might be 23-24 feet overall.

How long is a 4 horse stock trailer?


Weight (without added options) 6300lbs
Overall Box Length 21’6″
Overall Trailer Length with Gooseneck 29′
Dress Side 48″ short wall x 96″ long wall
Inside Height 7’4″, optional 7’6″

How tall should my horse trailer be?

Most horse trailers range from 7′ to 7’6″ in height, an a/c unit it will add 12″ to its height. Taller trailers are available for large horse breeds, and manufacturers typically make trailers up to 8′ in height.

How much space does a horse need in a trailer?

Trailer Dimensions

While most horses fit in a standard straight-load trailer—10′ stalls, 7’6” tall and 6′ wide on the inside—many of the breeds used in the performance industry today need a little more space. In general, a horse that is 16.3-17.2 hands needs a trailer that has 11′ stalls and is 7’8” tall.

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What makes a horse trailer a Weekender?

A weekend package is a Partial camper designed for overnight or weekend camping. Where as a LQ is a complete camper designed to be comfortable for several days or week long use. depending on what make of trailer, a weekend my lack a bathroom or a kitchen. It basically contains a place to sleep and change clothes.

What is a horse trailer called?

A horse trailer or horse van (also called a horse float in Australia and New Zealand or horsebox in the British Isles) is used to transport horses.

What is a weekender horse trailer?

Weekender / Weekend Package. A horse trailer with some kind of partial living quarters. This term varies in meaning from trailer to trailer, so it is important to review features carefully. (DHMCO does not use the term weekender or weekend package.)

How long is a 3 horse trailer?

A 3-horse trailer may be anywhere from 10 ft. to 40 ft. long. Bumper pull trailers tend to be shorter, with a length between 16 ft. to 19 ft. Gooseneck style trailers with living quarters are typically between 21 ft. to 27 ft.

How many feet is a 2 horse trailer?

A standard straight-load trailer designed to tow two horses features an internal stall width of 6 feet, a trailer length of 10 feet, and a roof height of 7 feet 6 inches. A standard trailer carries horses 14 to 16 hands in height.

Is a slant load or straight load horse trailer better?

A Horse Trailer Is a Personal Preference

Overall, slant loads are slightly better unless you have a limited budget or are hauling very large horses. Generally, it is down to personal preference and your needs.

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