How are the narrator the owner and the horse contrasted with one another?

What contrasts are suggested between the speaker in the second poem and a his horse and B the owner of the woods?

The contrast that the owner of the woods offers the reader is that he, like the speaker’s horse, represents the outside world and responsibilities that await the speaker. The speaker mentions the owner to offer a dichotomy to the silent beauty that he stops to appreciate.

What kind of understanding is there between the horse and the speaker of the poem in Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening?

The understanding between the man and his horse is that they will keep moving until their mission is accomplished. They don’t take time to rest or to do something as aimless as stopping during a snowfall to listen to the wind and enjoy the scenery or to contemplate any other matters.

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What does the description of the horse tell us about the speaker?

The presence of the horse reminds us of the obligations that the speaker has yet to fulfill on his life’s journey. He still has miles to go before he sleeps, before he comes to the end of his life, and he can only carry on with his journey by horse (i.e., if he keeps his promises).

Where does the speaker stop his horse?

Answer : The horse must find it queer that the speaker halted at a place between the woods and frozen lake on such a cold and dark evening ,when there was heavy snowfall.

How did the horse communicate with the speaker?

The horse communicates with the poet by shaking his harness bells.

What thoughts and feelings does the speaker attribute to his horse?

The speaker says that his horse must be confused because they have stopped right by a barn but are not going into it and it is cold and snowing out. The horse is the speakers best friend and only companion in the poem.

How do the speaker the owner of the woods and the horse react to the beauty of nature?

The owner of the woods lives in the village, away from nature. Though he owns the woods, he cannot appreciate and enjoy the beauty of nature. Thus, there are man-made barriers which separate man from nature.

What promises is the speaker talking about?

Answer : The ‘promises’ are the duties and responsibilities which the speaker has towards himself and others. There are many commitments and compulsions that he needs to take care of. He wants to fulfill those duties and responsibilities before embracing a long sleep, which is death.

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Why does the narrator stop his horse in the woods?

The narrator in the poem ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ stopped on his way between the woods and a frozen lake one evening. He stopped there to see the woods covered with snow. He wanted to enjoy the beauty of nature there.

What does the little horse in the poem symbolize do you think the speaker heeds the horse’s command?

Symbolically, the horse might represent the pressures of the outside world or the influence of society. The horse might also be a projection of the narrator’s own conscience, questioning him about whether or not this is the correct move.

Why are the horses thoughts included in this poem?

In the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening ,” the speaker shares a precious moment with us. On the way to keep some promises, he stops his ride briefly to take in the beauty of the frozen countryside through which he is traveling. He seems to want…

What does the little horse in the poem represent?

Actually no one can be sure about why the narrator calls his horse “my little horse”. The horse may be very dear to him or may be the horse is a little one in the literal sense, i.e., a pony. It may also suggest that the speaker is a humble and ordinary citizen and cannot afford to buy an expensive horse.

Who do you think is the real owner of the woods?

Who do you think is the real owner of the woods? 2. Find out the lines that convey the following meaning : The poet stopped there to enjoy the beauty of the woods covered with snow.

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Why does the horse give his harness bells a shake?

According to the poet, the horse shakes his harness bells to ask if there is some mistakes in stopping by the woods in that snowy evening. It indicates that it was a regular journey for them but they never stopped there before that day.

How does the speaker describe the descending snow?

The speaker because of snow dust falling on him finds himself partially relieved – his day just got a whole lot better – the event somehow allowing him to see life from a different angle. The message is clear enough that sometimes seemingly insignificant natural events do bring about changes.