How did the narrator conclude that Mourad had stolen the horse?

Answer: He reached this conclusion because Mourad belonged to Garoghlanian family that was quite poor. … The whole tribe was poverty-stricken. … Since the family could not afford any money to buy a horse, there was only one possibility left, and it was his cousin had stolen the hors.

How did the narrator establish that Mourad had stolen the horse class 11?

Mourad an adventure boy who had a keen desire for horse riding stole a beautiful white horse. … The horse belongs to the farmer named John Byron . one day the narrator and his cousin were impressed by Byro attitude opinions about the narrator family. John byro didn’t suspend that the boys would steal the horse .

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How does the author come to know that Murad had stolen the horse how does he react to it?

Explanation: The narrator was delighted at the magnificence of the horse. He could smell it, hear it breathing, which excited him but what frightened him was that Mourad could not have bought the horse. The narrator realized, if he had not bought it, he must have stolen it.

How can we conclude that Mourad really had an understanding with horses?

The first time Aram went with Mourad to ride the horse, he asked him where he was going to keep the horse after the ride. Mourad replied that he knew of a place where that could be done. … This made him conclude that Mourad had been riding the horse for quite a time.

How did narrator feel when he Realised that his cousin had stolen the horse?

The narrator was hard to believe that his ‘cousin Mourad’ had stolen the horse. This is because, their tribe was well known for honesty.

How did the narrator justify the act of stealing the horse?

Narrator justified this stealing because he believed that it was not a stealing because Mourad didn’t steal the horse for money purpose, he stole the horse for riding and have fun as Mourad was very fond of horse riding and he didn’t have money to buy a horse.

Why did Aram conclude that Murad had stolen the horse?

Aram knew that he and his cousin Mourad belonged to a tribe that was poverty-stricken. It was certain that he had stolen the horse. … It was hard to believe that a member of his family could ever do such a thing.

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What did the narrator think of Mourad?

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The narrator was Mourad’s younger cousin. He admired him a lot. He also thought Mourad to be one of the craziest members of the Garoghlanian tribe. He was full of life and loved following his passions without caring for people around him.

Why did the narrator choose to ride when he had come to know that Mourad had stolen the horse?

Ans. Aram too was very crazy about horse riding. But riding a stolen horse both delighted and frightened him. He justified Mourad’s action saying that taking out a horse just for a joy-ride could not be called stealing until they offered to sell it.

Do you think Mourad had stolen the horse?

Stealing a horse for riding and fun was not the same as stealing and selling it for money. Hence, Mourad stole the horse and hid it in the barn. Pangs of conscience pricked them. Hence, they decided to return the horse to its rightful owner.

How did the narrator react on seeing the horse and Mourad?

Explanation: narrator was shocked as well as delighted by seeing mourad on horse infront of his window. he was shocked as they belonged to garoghlanian family which was known for it’s poverty and honesty. … he was delighted as his longings were to ride a white horse.

What were the narrator’s view about stealing?

The narrator Aram had a very much different view about stealing. According to him, stealing means taking away money from someone. He told that taking away the horse was not actually stealing because they will use it and then return it. It is no harm in taking away the other things rather than money.

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How did the narrator know that his cousin Mourad couldn’t have bought the horse?

Narrator knew that cousin Mourad could not have bought the horse since he knew that the horse belonged to poverty striken tribe which doesn’t even know how they are able to survive withthout any proper wealth to buy its daily food.

How does the narrator describe the tribe to which he belonged?

Answer: Answer:The narrator described his tribe by that the whole tribe was poverty-stricken. Every branch of the Garoghlanian family was living in the most amazing and comical poverty in the world. … No member of the Garoghlanian family could be a thief.

Why did the narrator and his cousin return the horse?

The narrator and his cousin returned the horse out of their conscience. they felt they should have maintained the tribe’s fame for was thus their way to undo the damage they had created to the fame yet they were not caught.