How do you measure a horse for a browband?

Measure from one corner of your horse’s mouth, over the poll, to the other corner of his mouth. Measure the length of browband you require. Measure from the back edge of the horse’s ear, around his forehead, to the back edge of his other ear.

What size is a horse browband?

The standard Horse Size browband measures 16″ in length and 7/8″ in width. The standard end loop of 1 3/4″ fits most snaffle and double bridles.

How many inches is a full size browband?

To measure your current browband, lay it flat and measure it from very end to end. Below are our standard sizes.

Standard Size Inch
Large Cob 14.5”
Full 15”
Large Full 15.5”
Warmblood 16”

How long is an oversize browband?

The browband length on the Cob is 16 inches, Full/Warmblood size is 17 inches, and on our Oversized/Extra Large it’s 18 inches.

How do you measure a noseband?

Noseband Measurements

Measure the circumference of the nose approximately 2 fingers below the bottom of the cheek bones. Loose enough to get two fingers under the measuring tape. From G around to G. This is your noseband circumference measurement.

How should a browband fit?

A browband should fit so that two fingers (stacked) fit comfortably under the front of the browband. As we already mentioned, the throatlatch should be unimpeded by the browband, allowing it to hang vertically from the split. The throatlatch helps to stabilize the bridle by preventing it from tipping side to side.

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How do you measure for a fly mask?

Click on the button to select your EquiVizor Fly Mask version!

Measure the size of your horse’s FOREHEAD

  1. Measure from the outer corner of one eye, Up at a slight angle to middle of forehead…
  2. Then across the middle of your horse’s forehead…
  3. Then straight Down at a slight angle to the outer corner of the other eye.

What size bridle does a thoroughbred need?

For instance, a 16hh thoroughbred will probably wear a full. A 17.2hh Irish Sport Horse with a roman nose might fit better in a warmblood, a 15.1hh quarter horse cross might wear a cob, and a little welsh pony is probably going to wear pony size.

What is cob size for a horse?

A cob is a sturdily built horse of thick build about 15 hands high, with a steady temperament. They look like a large pony but are over the pony height, which is 14.2 hands. A cob is a type of horse rather than a specific breed.

How do you measure the crown of a horse?

Measure for the crown and cheek pieces, parts 1 and 1a in the picture of the bridle above. To do this, measure from the corner of the horse’s mouth, up along the line that the cheek piece would follow, over the ears (for the crown piece), and to the other corner of the mouth.