What color is pony from Piggy?

Pony now wears a dark green jacket, an orange shirt underneath, blue pants, he has pointy ears, and has a blackish beanie, which has openings for his ears.

Is zizzy a girl?

Zizzy is a zebra with a fuchsia dress and purple leggings. She has a black stripe on her arm. She has pink cheeks, red eyes and a purple hat with magenta feathers and holds a fencing foil as her weapon.

Who is Pony’s dad in Piggy?

Peter is the father of Pony. He was also an optometrist, just like Pony.

Who is pony in Piggy?

Pony is a major NPC and the deuteragonist in the game Piggy. He makes his first appearance with Zizzy at the end of Chapter 8. He is shown to be witty, quirky, and a bit paranoid at times.

Does pony have a crush on zizzy?

As of Outpost – Chapter 11, it is revealed that Pony might have feelings for Zizzy, sparking a lot of shipping between the two friends. It is unknown whether it is a one-sided or two-sided relationship if there even is a relationship at all.

Who is Zee from Piggy?

Zee is a uninfected zebra that is sisters with Zuzy and Zizzy. She is currently allies with the Safe Place members and is going with them to find a cure in Outpost Echo. She made her debut in Mall – Chapter 10.

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Who is Pony’s crush?

He secretly has a crush on Peppa. He once got kidnapped by the Armadillo Amarillo Brothers, but escaped.

Who is Zizzy?

Zizzy is a former fencing coach who taught her two sisters, Zee and Zuzy. She later met up with Pony during the Infection and started a group of infection survivors called the Safe Place.

What does Mr Stitchy look like?

Mr. Stitchy is a tall skin, he has black skin and a slender-like body with red and black if you look to the side of his orange eye and white eyes. It has a teddy bear head with stiches as though he was blown up and sewn back together. Since this skin is seen in the cutscenes and map, it is a canon skin.

What does Penny look like in Piggy?

She is small, has a brown dress, and has legs in the child’s appearance. In House – Chapter 1, she has a long dress, no legs, and a red and black eye.

Who is Mimi in Piggy?

Mimi is a skin released with the Chapter 10 update. She is based on Molly Mole from the Peppa Pig series. She is an unlockable skin that costs 235 Piggy Tokens in the shop.

What does Devil Piggy look like?

Devil has red skin with a red pig head, except there are dark red horns instead of ears. It has an orange pupil on its right eye with a brown sclera as well as dark red cheeks. It wears a light brownish-maroon dress with feathered red wings sticking out from behind which spread out and curve forward.

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Who is doggy from Piggy?

Doggy is based on Danny Dog from the Peppa Pig series. He can be found as the secondary bot in Forest – Chapter 4. Doggy is part of the 7 people who received the potion from Mr.

Is Ghost a girl Piggy?

Centcrisped has also confirmed that Ghosty’s gender is female, but MiniToon was unaware of Ghosty’s gender when putting the skin into the game, which is why it looks and sounds male.