What happens to Shadowmere if I ride another horse?

The only choices are: Shadowmere died. Wait for a few days and go back to the place he died the retrieve him. Go to the nearest stable where your horses would be.

Can you own two horses Skyrim?

One can own multiple types of horses and multiple horses of the same type. The horse last ridden or fast traveled with is the one that accompanies the Dragonborn. Any other owned horses return to the stable where they were purchased. Stables can be built for manors in the Hearthfire DLC.

How do I get Shadowmere if he disappears?

Try going to the place where you bought, got or stolen your current horse. Shadowmere should be nearby. Try casting the Alteration spell, Detect Life, or use the Aura Whisper dragon shout (longer range than Detect Life) to try to find Shadowmere. Shadowmere should be within the range of Detect Life or Aura Whisper.

How do you keep Shadowmere in a stable?

If you want to park Shadowmere, simply ride him to the location in which you would like him to stay put, then dismount. Next, summon Arvak, mount him, then dismount. Shadowmere should stay exactly where you parked him until you’re ready to ride him again.

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Can you resurrect Shadowmere?

Unlike its previous incarnation, Shadowmere can be killed by long falls or in combat. Shadowmere will, however, respawn around ten days later, at the location of death. Shadowmere will not respawn in this location if killed in a body of water. In that case, he will respawn in the pool outside the Falkreath Sanctuary.

What happens to Shadowmere if I ride frost?

If you just ride off without completing the quest Frost will just return to where you first stole him (Black-Briar Manor). If you own him and you were to mount another horse (at least another horse you own) he will remain at the location you left him so far as I can tell.

Where is the unicorn Skyrim?

The Unicorn is a unique horse which can be found near the pond just west of Lost Prospect Mine during the related quest. It is a wild horse and must be tamed by continuing to mount it until it breaks. Once tamed, the Unicorn becomes an owned mount.

Where is the black horse in Skyrim?

Chestnut Horse[edit]

This Wild Horse has a chestnut coat and a dark mane. It can be found east of Helgen, along the path leading to South Skybound Watch.

Which horse is better Arvak or Shadowmere?

Arvak is the best, because he doesn’t do any of the stupid stuff that other horses do, like run off during a dragon attack, blow your cover by attacking bandits, go missing, or die. … The best horse in the game, by far, is Shadowmere. Other than him, all the horses are the same.

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Do you get to keep Shadowmere?

Shadowmere is not essential and can die, unlike his counterpart in Oblivion. However, 10 days later, he will respawn at the location of his death. If Shadowmere dies in a river or lake, he will respawn after 10 days in the black pool near the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.

Where is Shadowmere after riding Arvak?

Sometimes if you use Arvak in the Cairn Shadowmere can be found waiting outside Castle Volkihar if he/she isn’t there or at one of the Sanctuarys you could try buying a new horse and see if that triggers Shadowmere’s return to a Sanctuary, otherwise theres not really anything you can do on a console except hope he/she …

How old is Shadowmere?

Shadowmere is a mysterious undead black horse associated with the Dark Brotherhood. The horse’s gender is undetermined; it is inconsistently referred to as both male and female. It has glowing red eyes. The horse is seemingly immortal, having lived for over two hundred years.

Is Shadowmere a Daedra?

Given the connection to Mephala, though, I’d say that Shadowmere is a Daedroth in an animal form, like Barbas, and is a familiar of Mephala dressed like a demon-horse.

How do you get Shadowmere without joining the Dark Brotherhood?

The simple answer to your question, without cheats, is no. The game is specifically scripted to give you Shadowmere once you have completed the Dark Brotherhoods quest related to the horse.