What is a speed figure in horse racing?

Speed figures measure how fast a horse races, using a complex formula to normalize race times across all tracks, distances and surfaces. The figure is based on the horse’s actual finishing time along with other factors such as run up distance, rail distance and track condition (including wind when recorded).

What is a good speed figure for a horse?

Top Beyer Speed Figures earned

Horse Year earned Speed Figure
Hoffenheim 2018 121
Easy Goer 1989 120
Arrogate 2016 120
American Pharoah 2015 120

How do speed ratings work in horse racing?

Speed ratings, in their simplest form, compare the time posted by each horse with a standard time (the time you would expect each horse to run based on the class and distance of the race). These standard times should be compiled from as much recent data as can be found.

Are speed figures important in horse racing?

The horse racing speed figure helps with all the issues above by making adjustments to the race time and putting it in a single number that can be compared across horses, races, and dates.

How do you calculate speed in horse racing?

Horses who finished behind the winner had their figures calculated by how many lengths behind they finished, taking two points off for each length behind in a route race and three points per length in a sprint. It takes time, but handicappers can craft their own speed figures.

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What does e speed figure mean?

Equibase Speed Figures

The Equibase Speed Figure tells you how fast a horse has been running in its past races with a single number. Its sophisticated algorithms are based on the horse’s actual time in combination with other factors, such as the condition of the track.

How fast can a horse accelerate?

Stride frequency acceleration – Fast acceleration for short distances. The horse performed a 1 hour and 04 minutes workout, during which a peak acceleration of nearly 60km/h (maximum recorded speed of 59.7 km/h) was recorded.

How do you read a speed rating?

If you’re reading your tire sidewall, the speed rating will be the last item in the character sequence in the tire’s size code. Below is an example of a the description on a tire’s sidewall: 2015/60R15 91V. Here, the tire would have a speed rating of V. V-rated tires can be driven at 149 MPH.

What does Beyer par mean?

Beyer Pars

Pars for Beyer Speed Figures represent the approximate average winning figure for a given class at a given track. These numbers reflect the relative strength of different racing circuits. At Belmont Park, maiden special weight races for older horses have a par of 87.

How do you get Beyer speed figures?

After averaging final times for a specific card, the team determines how much slower or faster than par a racetrack was on a particular day. That number, called the Track Variant, is subtracted or added to the Speed Rating to determine the Beyer Speed Figure.

What was Secretariat speed index?

Secretariat’s average speed in Triple Crown races was 37.7 mph, fast enough to set a new record in each race. His accomplishments in these prestigious races still have not been matched. To read about the fastest horses in the world, click here.

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How is top speed calculated Racing Post?

Remember, Topspeed ratings are adjusted to 5 furlongs or 1,100 yards. This means we multiply 1,100 by the Comparison to Standard Time and divide it by the actual Race Distance of 7 furlongs or 1,540 yards so (1,100 x 2.21 = 2,431/1,540 = 1.58 when rounded up).