What is P in horse racing form?

What does P mean in horse racing?

P or PU indicates that the horse was pulled up by the jockey and did not complete the race.

What is W and P in horse racing?

A Win bet is a bet type that requires the punter to select the horse they believe will be first past the post. If they are correct they will win a sum of money relevant to their investment and the betting product (Fixed Odds or Tote betting).

What do the letters mean on horse form?

The letters that appear most commonly in form figures, particularly in National Hunt races, are ‘F’, ‘U’ and ‘P’, which stand for ‘Fell’, ‘Unseated rider’ and ‘Pulled up’, respectively; the first two are fairly self-explanatory, but a horse is said to have been ‘pulled up’ if its jockey decides, usually because of …

What does PU mean Grand National?

So last season, in its final race, this horse finished 9th. The ‘P’ in the race before that means the horse pulled-up and didn’t finish the race. And before that, he finished 5th. Form gives you a really good idea of how a horse is running over a longer period of time.

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What does place Md mean?

Midi Div (MD)

Midi Div means you will get the middle return out of the Three TABs for all Win, Place and Each Way wagers on Harness, Greyhound, Australian Country and International thoroughbred meetings.

What does BM stand for in horse racing?

BM=Benchmark 70 [10 th strongest race.

What does placing mean in horse racing?

A Place bet is a bet type that requires you to select a horse to finish in the placings (1st, 2nd or 3rd). Your runner can finish either 1st, 2nd or 3rd for a winning resulted bet. … Place bets will have a smaller payout than a Win Bet, as there is a higher chance of a winning outcome for the punter.

How do you read horse racing form?

Form is arranged chronologically from left (oldest) to right (newest). So, in the example above, the horse Mill Reef gained a fourth place, followed by a third, then took some time out from racing, then gained a second followed by falling in the next race, and its latest result was a win.

What does NA stand for in horse racing?

Novice. A novice is a horse that hasn’t won a race at the start of the season in its particular field of racing.

What does TTF mean in Racing Post?

The bet that runs all season.

Tote Ten to Follow is the ultimate season-long competition for racing fans.

What does FF mean in horse racing?

FF: Form Figures for each horse.