What to do after a horse gives birth?

Encourage the mare and foal to rest as long as possible. Give them an opportunity to bond undisturbed. Treat the umbilical cord with an antiseptic solution, recommended by your veterinarian, soon after the cord breaks and for several days thereafter to prevent bacterial infection.

How long should you wait to ride a horse after it gives birth?

As a general rule, allow six to eight weeks after foaling before getting back on the new equine mom. Evaluate each mare’s condition on an individual basis as to when she can return to work after foaling.

How long should a mare rest after foaling?

From a medical standpoint, there’s no reason why a mare can’t start exercising six to eight weeks after a complication-free foaling. Whether or not she’s ready fitness- and soundness-wise is a different story.

What do you feed a mare after giving birth?

A lactating mare usually requires between 2 and 3 percent of her body weight in total feed (hay + grain) daily. Requirements can be met using the rations described in Tables 4 and 5. Including fat in the diet can increase the fat content of the milk, which may help nursing foals grow.

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How do you take care of a mare and foal?

Pregnant mares need adequate daily exercise in a paddock or pasture, and any horses kept together should be compatible, which helps to reduce stress. Vaccinations and deworming should be done before the mare is bred, with no vaccinations given during the first 90 days of gestation.

When should you quit riding a pregnant mare?

At What Point Should You Stop Riding a Pregnant Mare? It is generally considered safe to ride a mare during the first six to eight months of pregnancy. The foal does most of its growing during the last trimester, so it is best to reduce activity at this point.

How many foals can a horse have?

But in general, a horse could have about 16 babies throughout their lifetime. Horses can start breeding from about 4 years old and their prime for foaling is from then up to about 15 years old. After 15, and up to about 20 years old, their fertility drops.

How do I help my mare give birth?

Help Your Mare Have a Safe Delivery

  1. Write down your veterinarian’s phone number well in advance of the birth and keep it by all phones.
  2. Keep a watch or clock on hand so you can time each stage of labor. …
  3. Wrap the mare’s tail with a clean wrap when you observe the first stage of labor.

Can you ride a mare after breeding?

A healthy pregnant horse can be ridden during much of her pregnancy. However, there are periods when riding should be avoided, don’t ride a mare for at least 30 days following conception or during the final two to three months before her due date. Otherwise, it is ok to ride your pregnant horse.

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What do you call a newborn horse?

A foal is a baby horse. … You can use the word foal for a horse that’s younger than one year old — after turning one, a foal becomes a yearling. Foals can be either male, also called a colt, or female, also called a filly. When a mare, or adult female horse, has a baby, you can say she foals.

Do horses eat their afterbirth?

Horses do not typically consume the placenta after birth. They evolved as a nomadic species and if permitted to do so, move the foal well away from the placenta and birth fluids which might attract predators.

How long do foals drink milk?

Not surprisingly, the drinking and eating behavior of foals is not much different than their mature relatives. In general, mare’s milk provides all the nutritional needs of foals in the first six to eight weeks of life.

How long does horse labor last?

The foal is usually born after 12 to 18 minutes of heavy labor. Maiden mares (mares foaling for the first time) are more likely to take about an hour to expel the fetus. Handlers should be ready to assist if it goes much longer than an hour. Mature mares in labor for more than 30 to 45 minutes may also need assistance.

How long can you ride a mare in foal?

Mares are usually very devoted mums, and the best way to have a happy, contented mare and a calm, confident foal is to leave them together uninterrupted. The Riding Establishments Act makes it illegal to use a mare for hire or reward (ie, to work in a licensed riding establishment) until the foal is three months old.

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Can you ride a mare with foal at foot?

You can certainly ride a mare with a foal still at foot, although it has its unique challenges. … A mare that experiences a straightforward birth should be ready to go back under saddle six to eight weeks after foaling. However, if your mare had a complicated birth, it might take far longer.

When do foals start eating grass?

A foal will start to taste grass after they are about a week old. By the time they are about 10 days old, they’ll start to eat a bit of grass and hay. By two months, the foal will need more nutrition than mare’s milk alone can provide.