You asked: How do you put a SMB boot on a horse?

Place the boot on the leg with the darts positioned evenly under the Fetlock joint. Holding the bottom suspensory strap attach the first hook fastener. This helps hold the boot in place while you tighten the other straps. Working up to the top tighten each strap.

How do you put sports medicine boots on a horse?

Unhook the bottom suspensory strap and pull it firmly to secure the middle hook closure under the sesamoid (point of the fetlock). Apply the remainder of the suspensory strap at a 45 degree angle from the leg and fasten it to the front of the boot. Finally smooth down all straps.

Are SMB boots good for horses?

The SMB II Boots have an antimicrobial inner lining to help prevent skin diseases from transferring from one horse to another. The SMB II is the best protective boot for training because it protects not only the fetlock joint, but the entire musculoskeletal system of the horse.

Can you use SMB boots for jumping?

You can use bell boots when jumping and they won’t get in the way. You can use any kind of protective boot for schooling at home–splint boots, polos–but open-front jumping boots are good for schooling, too, and you can use them in the jumper ring but you can’t use them in the hunters.

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How do you clean SMB horse boots?

We recommend the following for all Professional’s Choice Products: Hand wash and/or hose off the products with a pressure nozzle. If necessary, use a mild liquid soap to remove excess dirt and sweat. Woolite® or horse shampoo work well. Rinse the products well with cold water and allow them to air-dry.

When can you use sport boots on a horse?

Sporting riders should use horse boots during riding, lunging, or turnout since their horses are typically moving at a faster speed, providing a greater opportunity for injury. And of course, jumping can cause injury if a horse nicks or doesn’t clear a fence.

How do you put bell boots on a horse?

How to Put on Bell Boots Properly

  1. Hold the bell boots with both hands. Flip them inside out.
  2. Stand to the side of your horse’s leg. …
  3. Slide the bell boot over his hoof, starting at the frog and working toward the large part of the hoof. …
  4. Put the horse’s hoof back down on the ground.

Do horses need boots for trail riding?

Horses do not always need boots for trail riding. Many horses are completely fine barefoot or with their regular shoes, depending on the length of the trail and the trail surface. Just like wearing boots, you should never take a horse on a long trail ride it is not physically prepared for.

Should horses wear boots trail riding?

For the most part, splint or brushing boots are designed mainly to protect the inside of the horse’s leg and ankle, while galloping boots protect more of the ankle, including the back. There’s no reason to overdo it, but there’s no real harm in it either. Horses do not become “dependent” upon these boots.

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What do splint boots do for horses?

Brushing boots or splint boots are used to protect a horse’s legs during exercise, protecting the lower leg from injury that may occur if one leg or hoof strikes the opposite leg.