You asked: Is the central character of the story the summer of a beautiful white horse?

Aram is the central character of the story who is nine years old . He is a very mindful boy who understands that stealing the horse and keeping it for riding wasn’t a right thing to do.

What is the central idea of the story the summer of the beautiful white horse?

Answer: The theme of the narrative is the inevitability of change that challenges traditions and long established beliefs. The Garoghlanian tribe was always known for its honesty and still the older generations of the impoverished tribe uphold their trademark honesty but the new ones are no more ready to pretend.

What is the character sketch of Mourad in the summer of the beautiful white horse?

Character Sketch of Mourad:

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Mourad was considered to be crazy and a direct descendent of Uncle Khosrove. He had a special way with animals and even with people. He was able to make them fell calm and safe. He looked after the horse so well that John Byro found it better tempered and healthy on its return.

What were the main characteristics of the family of the narrator ?( The Summer of the beautiful white horse?

The two family characteristics of the narrator are trust and honesty. The very moment Mourad brings a horse to Aram, Aram is left speechless.

Who is the whimsical character in story except Mourad?

It is absolutely true uncle Khosorove was a very humorous character. Uncle Khosrove was an eccentric fellow. There were quite a few other characters in the Garoghlanian tribe who were like him. Mourad had taken after him as far as mental traits were concerned.

How is the theme of honesty winning over predominance in the story Summer of the beautiful white horse comment?

Explanation: Honesty is that the best policy within the world it’s true consistent with story as although Mourad and Aram got attracted towards the horse and conceal it for a month.

Is Garoghlanian Tribe real?

The Garoghlanian tribe is from Armenia. They ended up settling in areas such as Fresno, California. Part of the tribe’s culture is trying to find a sense of placement and self in a new and modern setting.

What are two characteristics of Mourad?

Mourad was quite adventurous and had a crazy streak in him. He enjoyed being alive more than anybody else. Mourad loved horse riding. He had a way with a horse.

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What kind of a boy was Aram?

Aram a small, innocent- 9 year old boy was Mourad’s cousin who was considered to be the crazy steak of the family … Aram belonged to a poor family GAROGHALININ FAMILY which was famous for his honesty. Aram was a poor horse rider… He considered world to full of romance and dreams ..

What did the narrator think of Murad?

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The narrator was Mourad’s younger cousin. He admired him a lot. He also thought Mourad to be one of the craziest members of the Garoghlanian tribe. He was full of life and loved following his passions without caring for people around him.

What is the character sketch of John Byro?

John Byro was a person with good and pure heart. He was very loyal. He had utmost trust on his tribe cause of which he could never have guessed that tribe was responsible for the stealing. He possessed an innocent eye and never even thought of his tribe as the thief, as they were famous for their honesty.

What did BYRO perceive?

What did John Byro perceive about the horse after it was returned? Why? Answer: After the horse was returned, John Byro said that the horse was stronger than ever and also better tempered.

What is the character sketch of Uncle khusro?

Uncle Khosrov is the uncle of the protagonist Aram. He is notorious for his bad temper. He is highly impatient and set aside any problem without even listening to the details. When his son reported that their house is on fire, he shouted the same ‘It’s no harm, pay no attention to it’.

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What is the character sketch of Ranga?

Ranga was a well-mannered,educated boy who was respectful of his elders in spite of having studied away from his village. It was usually the custom that people who left home also left behind their customs and traditions at home.

How does the story the summer of the beautiful white horse deal with moral duty and temptation?

Answer: though the story definitely teaches that there is no excuse not even poverty for taking something that is not yours the bigger moral of the summer of the beautiful horse is that if one understands and others circumstance and motivations wrongs can be right it without anger or ritibution.