You asked: What does a project Pony mean?

A horse that has just been out of work for a while can be a reasonable prospect for a “project,” assuming it was well-broke and fairly well-trained in the basics before it had the time off. These situations tend to occur rather frequently.

What is a project pony?

A long-term relation-building programme with a vulnerable animal, sharing your journey with them. The programme allows individuals to come and work alongside a horse, over a minimum term of 3 months, allowing them time to heal.

What does project mean for a horse?

A horse that is described as a project horse likely has very little formal training. This type of horse could be a blank slate for a buyer looking for something at a lower price point, or it could potentially have some training issues that need to be fixed or improved upon.

How much is a project horse?

An experienced, safe and well-trained horse that is suitable for the novice rider may range anywhere from $3000.00 to $9000.00 or more.

What is a project Mare?

The M.A.R.E. A group of volunteers do different activities throughout the project: sea and land monitoring, environmental education laboratories, the promotion of environmental awareness and underwater research. …

What does unbacked project mean?

without backing or support. not supported by bets: an unbacked challenger. not endorsed: an unbacked product.

What does fancy pony mean?

Fancy is just a term used to describe an excellent moving horse with good eye-catching looks. It’s often used in conjunction with jumping or more expensive show horses. Other words used to describe the way a horse looks to the eye or moves include Athletic, Flashy and Gaited.

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What is a green broke horse?

of a horse. : incompletely broken or trained.

What does it mean if a horse is a packer?

A packhorse, pack horse, or sumpter refers to a horse, mule, donkey, or pony used to carry goods on its back, usually in sidebags or panniers.