Your question: Which place was chosen by the cousins Aram and Mourad for hiding the horse why?

Answer: Aram and Mourad have stolen the house and want to hide it in their cousin’s place. They also want to keep it away from the eyes of its actual owner and people in their locality. Finally, Mourad has found the best place to keep the horse, i.e. in the deserted vineyard.

Where did Aram and Mourad hide the horse for the night?

Aram and Mourad hid the horse in a barn of an abandoned vineyard. It was once the possession of a farmer named Fetvajian.

Where did the narrator and his cousin hide the horse?

He walked the horse quietly to the barn of a deserted vineyard which at one time had been the pride of a farmer named fetvajian. There were some oats and dry alfalfa in the barn.

What was the hiding place of the horse discovered by Mourad?

After half an hour they found the horse and hid it in the barn of a deserted vineyard of a farmer named Fetvajian which had once been his pride.

Where did Mourad hide the house and why?

Mourad hided the horse in a barn of an abandoned or deserted vineyard . It was once a possesion of a farmer named Fetvajian .

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Where did Mourad Aram live?

The story revolves around characters who belong to tribe in Armenia. Mourad and Aram are members of the Garoghlanian family. Now locate Armenia and Assyria on the atlas and prepare a write-up on the Garoghlanian tribes.

Who were Aram and Mourad?

Aram and Mourad are the two characters from the Summer of a Beautiful Horse. Aram is the narrator of the story and Mourad is Aram’s cousin. Aram is extremely mindful and has an idea of the financial conditions of his house. While Mourad is passionate about the horse and has been compelling to get the horse.

What was the name given to the horse by Mourad?

But Mourad confidently told Byro that his horse’s name was My Heart. Byro made no fuss because he knew about the honesty of Mourad’s family.

Where did Aram Live 2 points?

Armenia aram live according to the summer of the beautiful white horse.

Where did Aram run the horse?

The horse started going towards the road that leads to the vineyard of Dikran Halabian. It began to move over vines and Aram fell down. The horse continued to run and Mourad came running down the road towards him.