How did narrator feel when he Realised that his cousin had stolen the horse?

The narrator was hard to believe that his ‘cousin Mourad’ had stolen the horse. This is because, their tribe was well known for honesty.

Did the narrator think that his cousin Mourad had stolen the horse?

The narrator concluded that Mourad had stolen the horse. But he refused to believe that Mourad could be a thief. In the first place, their tribe was famous for honesty and no member of their family could be a thief. … So, the narrator believed that Mourad was not a thief, though he had stolen the horse.

How did the narrator reach the conclusion that his cousin had stolen the horse?

Aram had reached to the conclusion that his cousin Mourad had stolen the White horse because they were too poor to buy a horse. He refused to believe that Mourad could be a thief because Mourad came from a family that firmly uprooted honesty as their special attribute and were proud of it.

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What did the narrator and his cousin do with the stolen horse?

The narrator and his cousin returned the stolen horse to its rightful owner, John Byro. … So as a mark of acknowledgment for this wonderful gesture, the boys took the horse to Byro’s vineyard the following morning and put it in a barn.

How did the narrator come to know that the horse was stolen?

Aram put two and two together when he heard the Assyrian farmer John Byro recount how his horse had been stolen a month ago and realized that the horse which Mourad had brought to Aram that morning were one and the same.

Why did the narrator and his cousin return the horse?

The narrator and his cousin returned the horse out of their conscience. they felt they should have maintained the tribe’s fame for was thus their way to undo the damage they had created to the fame yet they were not caught.

How does the narrator know that his cousin Mourad couldn’t have bought the horse?

Narrator knew that cousin Mourad could not have bought the horse since he knew that the horse belonged to poverty striken tribe which doesn’t even know how they are able to survive withthout any proper wealth to buy its daily food.

Why did the narrator enjoy riding a stolen horse himself?

Answer: It seemed to him that stealing a horse for a ride was not the same thing as stealing something else, such as money. Since he and Mourad were quite crazy about horses, it wasn’t stealing. He convinced himself with the thought that it would become stealing only when they offered to sell it.

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What did the narrator and his cousin do early the next morning *?

Early one morning the narrator’s cousin Mourad came to his house. He was sitting on a beautiful white horse. He invited the narrator to enjoy a ride. … The horse stood on its hind legs, snorted, and began to run.

How did the narrator react on seeing the horse and Mourad?

Explanation: narrator was shocked as well as delighted by seeing mourad on horse infront of his window. he was shocked as they belonged to garoghlanian family which was known for it’s poverty and honesty. … he was delighted as his longings were to ride a white horse.

What did the narrator think of the horse?

The narrator was delighted at the magnificence of the horse. He could smell it, hear it breathing, which excited him but what frightened him was that Mourad could not have bought the horse. The narrator realized, if he had not bought it, he must have stolen it.

What made the narrator unhappy?

The narrator thought of Ratna, the eleven-year niece of Rama Rao as the bride for Ranga. Ratan was a pretty girl, and Ranga had all qualities to be a good husband. However, Ranga showed his dissent as he had no early marriage plans. It made the narrator distressed and sad.

Where did the narrator and his cousin hide the horse?

He walked the horse quietly to the barn of a deserted vineyard which at one time had been the pride of a farmer named fetvajian. There were some oats and dry alfalfa in the barn.

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How did the narrator feel when he realized that his cousin?

Answer: The narrator stared first at his cousin and then at the horse. There was a pious stillness and humour in each of them. He was delighted as well as frightened.

How did the narrator come to know about the owner of the horse?

The period is also decided by Mourad. But unluckily, the narrator came to know about the real owner. He felt nervous as the owner of the horse, John Byrd had come to his house, inquiring/ feeling sorry over his lost horse. He had been enjoying rides on a horse of John Byro for a month and kept it for another two weeks.

What were the narrator’s view about stealing?

The narrator Aram had a very much different view about stealing. According to him, stealing means taking away money from someone. He told that taking away the horse was not actually stealing because they will use it and then return it. It is no harm in taking away the other things rather than money.