Should I give the horse to Persephone?

The first step is to travel to Persephone’s Akropolis. You can use the Wings Of Hermes to teleport to this location quickly. Once you’ve teleported, talk to Persephone, who is found near the end of the Akropolis. Using your horse is a good idea since it will allow you to travel to Persephone faster.

What happens if you give the horse to Persephone?

If You Choose Persephone

If you bring him to the Jockey of Artemision, the stable boy takes the horse. You return to Persephone with the news. She kisses you when you return and says you have earned her favor. The quest completes, you receive the Orphnaeus mount as a reward.

Should I side with Persephone or Adonis?

You can either give it to the older adult that’s in the quest, give it to Adonis or Persephone. It doesn’t really make all that much of a difference; however, we gave it to Adonis. Even if you decide to give it to someone else, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Does the horse matter in Odyssey?

In short, it doesn’t matter. There are three different colors of horse, that’s the only thing that matters. When you choose one you receive a skin for a mount. All are called Phobos, so all have the same name.

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Should you poison Persephone’s followers?

Kassandra: So what do you have in mind for Persephone’s followers? Hekate: Poison in their wine should do the trick. … The symposium shouldn’t be too difficult to infiltrate, but once you’re there, try to blend in with the other Persephone-obsessed humans.

Should I let him keep the horse AC Odyssey?

Kassandra: If he needs the horse more than the man he stole it from, let him keep it. It will do him more good.

Who should I give the dark horse to?

Dark Horse quest

Here, you must choose whether the old man can keep the horse, whether to get rid of it for Persephone, or give it to Adonis. We chose to give it to Adonis, and afterwards you can go and intimidate the stable boy so Persephone doesn’t know.

Who should I give the horse to in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Deliver The Horse To Persephone

Once you’ve made the decision to deliver the horse to Persephone’s Jockey, you can begin to ride it, which will make your journey much quicker. The Asphodel Fields is your objective location for this path, so you need to ride it there and deliver it to the jockey to complete the quest.

Is Hermes or Adonis Persephone’s soulmate?

Another will ask you who you think Persephone’s soulmate is. Hermes or Adonis. The correct answer is Hermes.

What’s the best horse in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Phobos is the faithful steed for players in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and has many cool skins. These are the best ones and how to acquire them. The Assassin’s Creed franchise from Ubisoft is one of those game franchises where not only do players do cool things, but they look and feel cool while doing them.

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Which starter horse is best Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Especially if you play with the Exploration Mode active. The “white lines” (generally speaking) are among the best ways for you to get clues as to what is where in the game. The grey horse on the left is the Skyros. Markos describes it as a sturdy stock and tells you that it can climb to mountain passes like a goat.

What is horse Odyssey?

Early on in your adventure when you meet Markos at his freshly-acquired vineyard, he’ll give you a choice between three horses: one he says is best-suited to mountainous terrain, one bred for battle, and the other is a “true warrior’s horse”. … What’s more, your horse will always be called Phobos.