Question: Why does horse have to apply more force to start?

When the horse is applying force to start the cart it has to overcome static friction and to keep the cart in motion,the horse has to overcome sliding friction. But static friction is more than sliding friction ,so the horse, pulling a cart has to apply a greater force to start the cart than to keep the cart in motion.

Why do horses use more force to start?

Friction. … As the cart begins to move, the friction becomes lesser since it is rolling friction and the muscular force of the horse is utilised to only overcome this friction. Hence, initiailly to set the cart in motion, the horse needs to do more work than, when the cart is in motion.

Why a horse has to apply more force to start a cart than to keep it moving?

To start the cart inertia of rest (of the cart) has to be overcome Further force required to be applied has to be greater than the force of limiting friction Once the motion starts force of kinetic friction has to be overcome , which is less than the force of limitting friction Hence smaller force is enough to keep the …

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Has to pull harder during the start of the motion than later explain?

When a body is at rest, to bring it in motion, static friction needs to be overcome. However, while moving kinetic friction needs to be overcome. … So, its harder to start motion than to sustain it. Hence, the horse has to apply less force when the cart is in motion.

What is the direction of force of friction on the object moving from north to south?

Frictional force acts in the direction opposite to the direction of motion of a body. Because the object is moving from north to south, the direction of frictional force is from south to north.

What is the motion of horse pulling a cart?

When the horse walks in the forward direction (with the cart attached to it), it exerts a force in the backward direction on the Earth. An equal force in the opposite direction (forward direction) is applied on the horse by the Earth. This force moves the horse and the cart forward. As a result, the cart moves forward.

Which force is used to pull a cart?

The forces on the cart include the forward force the horse exerts on the cart and the backward force due to friction at the ground, acting on the wheels….

Why are wheels made circular?

Rolling friction is always smaller than sliding friction. This is the reason, the wheels of automobiles are made circular in shape. When the wheels move by revolving or roiling on the surface, rolling friction acts on it. This shape helps to reduce or to minimize the friction.

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Why is pulling the lawn roller is preferred than pushing the lawn roller?

This will increase the frictional force. Therefore we can say that it is easier to pull the lawn roller than to push it because the normal component of force decreases when the lawn roller is pulled. Therefore, It is easier to pull a lawn roller than to push it because pulling Decreases normal reaction.

What are the advantages of friction?

Advantages of friction:

  • Friction enables us to walk freely.
  • It helps to support ladder against wall.
  • It becomes possible to transfer one form of energy to another.
  • Objects can be piled up without slipping.
  • Breaks of vehicles work due to friction.
  • It always resists the motion, so extra energy is required to overcome it.

What is limiting friction?

Limiting friction is defined as the friction which is generated between the two static surfaces that come in contact with each other. … In other words, the amount of friction that can be applied between two surfaces is limited and if the forces acting on the body are made sufficiently great, the motion will occur.

Which of the following help in increasing the friction?

Friction can be increased by increasing the roughness of the surfaces in contact. For example, treading of shoes and tires is done to increase friction. When friction is undesirable we have to reduce the friction.

Why is sliding friction less than rolling friction?

Sliding friction is the force that acts against two surfaces that are rubbing together. Rolling friction is less than sliding friction as the rolling of one body over another requires a smaller area of surface contact than sliding.

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What would happen to a moving object if there was no friction?

Friction affects the relative motion between two surfaces in contact. Without friction, objects would not be able to move from a stationary position or stop when in motion. When a body is in motion and if there is no friction, it becomes impossible to bring it to rest.