What does Mourad mean when he says I have a way with the horse?

Mourad had a way with the horse which means he had a special innate knack that helped deal with the animal. … He could keep it calm so that it performed according to his wishes.

What do you understand by I have a way with a horse?

Mourad said that he had a way with the horse, describing his relationship with it. By these lines he meant that the horse would respect only him, and that is why he was able to ride the horse without any problems.

Why do we say that Mourad had a way with animals?

Mourad was really good with animals. He always had a way with them. He used to carefully learn about their behaviour and thus, was able to bring about an understanding with them which was clear and honest. This behaviour and love towards the animals shows that Mourad had a deep compassion for the animals.

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How does Mourad have a way with the farmers?

Mourad was a smart child who could handle every person, animal and situation. So when Aram and Mourad came across John Byro, with his stolen horse, Mourad asked Aram to be quiet and let him do the talking as he had a way with the farmers.

Do you agree with Mourad that he had a way with horse?

Answer: Yes, we agree that Mourad had a way with a horse. When John Byro got the horse back, he found the horse better tempered because Mourad was good at dealing with a wild white horse. The horse wanted to run wild in the beginning but Mourad felt he could make the horse do anything he wanted.

Do you agree that Mourad had a way with things?

Mourad was really good with animals. He always had a way with them. … He used take the wish of the animal into account and not simply force them to do whatever he desired. This is apparent when he tells the narrator that the horse will let him ride only if it wants to.

How do we know that Mourad was an animal lover?

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✍One day when Aram approached Mourad to talk about the issue of John Byro, Mourad was seen guving first aid to an injured bird and was trying to help it to fly to which ge finally succeeded. All these instances show that Mourad was indeed an animal lover.

How does Mourad has a way with the dogs?

When Aram and Mourad went to put the horse in the barn of John Byro’s vineyards, the dogs followed them without making a sound. … Aram was scared that they might bark, but Mourad said “I have a way with dogs”. Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

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What action of Mourad shows that he was compassionate at heart?

In the story there are several instances which show Mourad’s compassion towards animals. The horse reigns better under his command, the injured robin is nursed to health and is able to fly again.

Have a way with farmers who says it to whom?

When Aram rode the horse alone, it ran down the road to the _________. Q15. Mourad had been hiding the horse _________. Q16.

Who said to whom I have a way with farmers?

One morning on the way to Fetvajian’s deserted vineyard we ran into the farmer John Byro who was on his way to town. Let me do the talking, my cousin Mourad said. I have a way with farmers. Mourad told Aram that it will take him a whole year to learn to ride a horse.

Why is Mourad considered to be the natural descendent of this man who is this man *?

Mourad was considered a natural descendent of his uncle Khosrov for his craziness. Mourad was considered crazy by everyone who knew him because he was too obsessed about horses and could do anything for it.

Do you think Mourad knew what he was doing when he took away the horse what may be his mental status at that time?

Answer: Mourad was considered crazy by everybody who knew him except the narrator. He was quite crazy about horses. Secondly, he enjoyed being alive more than anybody else.

What family did Mourad belong?

Answers. Aram and Mourad belonged to the Garoghlanian tribe of Armenia. This tribe was known for its truthfulness, honesty as well as integrity.

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Do you agree with the statement Mourad has a special fondness for animals give reasons?

By the way he behaves with animal hecomes across, he has a simple and a honest way with any animal, he loved animals, example the way the dogs behaved with him because they myt be knowing that mourad is a good guy and the way he pats the horse while leaving him and the way he tries to help the injured sparrow, shows …